Beyond the Walls

Even though Reinike Gallery is one of the larger galleries in Atlanta, not every available painting is on display all the time. Many exceptional paintings are stored in cabinets and new paintings may not be hanging.

The best way to fully appreciate original art is to see it first-hand, but a preview from the gallery website provides an overview of what is available.

Storage Cabinet and Paintings
Storage Cabinet and Paintings
Storage Cabinet and Paintings

A Contemporary Collection

Original art has a depth and complexity that transcends simple imagery and color. Texture, shape and scale play an important role in the paintings shown. The gallery exhibits original fine art by a select group of contemporary artists. High-realism and Abstract Expressionism hang comfortably side-by-side. Sometimes humorous, sometimes spiritual, occasionally political and always beautiful, the paintings are thought-provoking and certain to encourage interesting conversation.

Reinike Gallery Since 1930

Miami Circle has become the epicenter for Atlanta's Art Scene, and Reinike Gallery led the way, moving to the street in 1993. The gallery opened in 1930 in New Orleans but Miami Circle has been its home for over 30 years. A warm greeting and a rich art experience await you at Reinike Gallery. Whether you're a casual browser, an avid art collector, or someone simply looking for a painting to fill a wall, you'll find the gallery is a source for fine art that will bring joy and expand personal expression.