10 - 5 Tuesday - Saturday
789 Miami Circle • Atlanta, GA • 30324
404 • 364 • 0490
Gallery Interior

Reinike Gallery - Exhibiting Contemporary Art Since 1930

Miami Circle has become the epicenter for Atlanta's Art Scene, and Reinike Gallery led the way, moving to the street in 1993. Whether you're a casual browser, an avid art collector, or someone looking for a painting to fill a wall, Reinike Gallery will become your favorite destination.

The gallery exhibits original fine art by a select group of contemporary artists. High-realism and Abstract Expressionism hang comfortably side-by-side. Sometimes humorous, sometimes spiritual, occasionally political and always beautiful, the paintings are thought-provoking and certain to encourage interesting conversation.

Peter J. O'Halloran's one-man show Stuff on a Shelf on view through October 22. Come take a look.

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